Quem somos

Who we are

Elizabeth Guabiraba

Elizabeth Guabiraba

is the creator of the project Sem Título Arte Impressão. She has her eyes wide open to the world. For her to observe is to exist. In 2013, Elizabeth and Elton began their partnership in fine art printing and, in 2015, with Lado B

At the age of 20 she discovered photography as an instigating way to share the sensitive experience. Her degree in journalism led her to undertand the other side of images. And it was among them that she began to sculpt her many ways of seeing and feeling daily events. A forked path: photojournalism, documentary photography, experimentation and video.

Wesley Nogueira

Wesley Nogueira

Wesley's smile is one of those that opens the way. With this energy, he welcomes people at Sem Título Arte Impressão, opens the doors of the exhibition space, organizes the collections of images, prints the digital works, handles like only few can newly printed papers...

There are no rainy days for this 27-year-old curly haired boy, who learned to sing in the church group and today is part of some vocal groups in the city. As a boy, Wesley Silva Nogueira developed a taste for the arts and was willing to face heaven and earth in the name of his choices, his own desires.

The universe then opened up when he started attending the CUCAs and Porto Iracema das Artes training courses, getting to know photography, cinema, music, theater, dance...

He is trained in graphic design and drawing, a lifelong companion. He also adventures in writing, photography, filming and video editing

Elton Gomes

Elton Gomes

Since very early his interests pointed to the treatment of images and, in the materialization of the works of artists, photographers and amateurs, in large format and quality fingerprints.

In 2013, the Sem Título Arte Impressão was born as the result of a partnership with visual artist Elizabeth Guabiraba.

He is an image cultivator who learned, very early on, how to organize and catalog image files. He started working in the area in the years 2000, at Editora Tempo D'Imagem. In 2005, he begins a partenership with photographer José Wagner and opens his first independent company: Local Foto, an image bank where he was able to specialize in the treatment and editing of photographs, as well as the publication of related books. The first company he owned, Foto Ideia, came in 2009: specialized in image treatment, graphic production and exhibition assembly. Thus was born the partnership with the visual artist Elizabeth Guabiraba, in Sem Título Arte Impressão

Thus was born the partnership with the visual artist Elizabeth Guabiraba, in Sem Título Arte Impressão

Camila Senettieri

Camila Pessoa

Camila is very skilled and talented. This woman from São Paulo, who adopted Ceará as her home, appeared at Sem Título Arte Impressão, recently graduated in administration. Since then (01 year and a half ago), she has managed to put Sem Título in order and serve the costumers, assisting us to set goals, strategies and much more.

Trocou São Paulo por Fortaleza, ainda criança. Sempre com um livro à mão, sabia, desde já, como esconder sua timidez. Na adolescência passou a organizar a sua vida com muito planejamento, até que, aos 19 anos, se encontrou no curso de Administração de Empresas, no Centro Universitário Sete de Setembro.

Since the first semester she wanted to put into practice everything she had been taught in class. It was then that she became aware of Birô Empreendedor, a Junior company of Uni7.

She had 3 years of hard work and experience, until her last year of college, when Sem Título Arte Impressão offered her a job opportunity. Nowadays, she loves what she does at Sem Título and grows, every day, with everyone. Camila doesn’t give up teaching and showing them how important the financial health of a company is.We also cannot forget that the clients, when asking Sem Título for a budget, are attendend by her , with the care and delicacy she always